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May 2016

3 Replies to Our Dua’s

You don’t have to be modest, by asking something from Allah. You don’t ask a King for only a Penny, do you?
-Marcel Krass (translated from german)
By asking Allah for something and making dua, you are acting upon the following beautiful Verse of the holy Qur’an:

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Ramadan is here soon…

Ramadan is around the corner, so start preparing for it immediately! Maybe you have planned that you will read more Qur’an in the holy month, Or maybe you want to restrain yourself from excessive talking, or you want to pray more and pray with khush’oo… No matter what it is, if you want to continue these acts even after Ramadan, it is better if you start with it from now on!

We are not only Muslims in the month of Ramadan. We should be as focused on our Deen in the other eleven months as we are in this particular one. This month can undoubtedly be the starting point for becoming a better Muslim, but don’t let it be the only month, where you practice your religion as it should be practiced.



And if you count the blessings of Allah, never will you be able to count them [Holy Qur’an 14:34]

[Short Reminder Series] – #BeaMuslim


Let us start a new initiative with short reminders for our muslim brothers and sisters, in sha Allah. Think of everyday situations, where muslims could be inspiring examples, not figures people would point a finger on.

If you use social media, use the hashtag #beamuslim and we will upload your thoughts by mentioning your name underneath the advice, in sha Allah.

Taking up two parking slots when parking your car, because you felt like doing so, is bad manners and non conforming to the overall Islamic teachings. Public conveniences are the right of the public on a first come first serve basis…

Sajid Ahmed Umar


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