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The Genius – Motivating Life Story of Imam Al-Bukhary [Video]

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Salman Al-Farisi: In the journey of finding the truth

Seeking knowledge is essential in Islam. We are actually obliged to seek the truth and speak the truth at all time, even if it is against us. And this very quality was seen in one of the sublime Sahaba, whose name is Salman Al-Farisi.

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Salman Al-Farisi was so obsessed with finding the truth that he spent many years of his life on this purpose. He travelled to many countries, stayed with many scholars (Christian scholars, who eventually led him to Muhammad saws). This journey continued until he found our beloved Prophet, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, and after that he felt a sort of relieve. He had found the truth, now he had to live accordingly to it. His shrewdness and knowledge as well as his adherence to Islam impressed our Prophet to such an extent, that he (saws) stated the following:


“Salman is full of knowledge”


”Salman is one of us, the People of the House (ahlul-bait)”


If we pay attention to the different qualities of all the Sahaba, we can learn so much from them and become much better Muslims. So let’s start with this beautiful trait. Let’s become more truthful and seek knowledge that can improve our relationship with our Creator; Al-Haqq, the Truthful and  Al-‘Alîm, The All-knowing.

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[Stories of the Companions] Umar Ibn Al-Khattab embracing Islam

Anas ibn Malik reported: Umar left his house holding his sword and he met a man from the tribe of Zahra. He said, “Where are you going?” Umar said, “I intend to kill Muhammad.”

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